Changing IT Solutions
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Supporting business improvement through Changing IT Solutions

No company is ever the same as the next, but many share common problems. Business changes rapidly - the ever present need to

  • provide better faster products and services
  • improve quality whilst reducing cost
  • improve the value proposition by offering different ways to add value for the client 
  • maintain traceability and documentation at every step
  • supply the client with updates on their order and the production process
  • the list goes on...
We provide a resource and knowledge base to help meet some of these challenges. Our wide experience across a number of sectors means we are uniquely placed to match the right technology solution to a range of complex business problems.

Specific areas where we specialise are:
  • Project Management and business process engineering
  • ERP Systems implementation
  • Business analysis and review
    • To provide enhanced functional KPI's
    • To provide better information cubes for measuring performance and results.
  • CRM system design and implementation
  • Web Application Development
  • Development and preparation of business IT strategies and plans 
  • Technical, commercial, or full due diligence for underwriters, venture capitalists, other potential investors
  • Business, competitive and financial analyses
    • to determine economic viability
    • for business/product planning
    • for strategic alliances

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Supporting business improvement through IT changes