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ERP Project - Back on track


Client: Specialist manufacturer of pipeline safety equipment for oil and gas industry


  • outdated unsupported business system requiring urgent upgrade
  • implementation false start where ERP project initiated, but poorly led with mainly IT and little business input.
  • failing project where business need critical but team moral low and progress stopped.


Changing IT were able to support to the business to re-define its implementation goals quickly. Following a best practise approach we were able to identify the critical success factors for the project, engage the team and focus resources on those areas which would make the difference.

From this point, the Project was able to take shape. The team was able to identify with an achievable plan, and to contribute to its success. By forming a multi-functional team comprising the stakeholders from the main business functions we were able to gain traction and progress.

IT staffing were re-focused onto the essential areas, not their favourite periferal "nice to haves" or the interesting sideshows which whilst interesting to learn (for IT people anyway!) were not really taking the project forward. With IT resources properly focused those developments and utilities which really add value for the user community and the business stakeholders were able to be driven out.

Processes were agreed, printed layouts and dialogs signed off, test scripts developed and followed, and data migration planning was able to take shape leading towards a controlled, user driven, final acceptance test.

GOLIVE planning and preparation was detailed and carefully managed to provide the business with a clear plan where the risk was managed out and failovers prepared.


A successful GOLIVE execution, where the business was able to function normally on the day of GOLIVE, taking avantage of increased functionality and flexibility in their ERP system of choice.


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