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Warehouse Management System Implementation

Client: - Major PLC catalog retailer operating various warehousing and manufacuring facilities nationwide.



In excess of 30,000 active SKU's / item codes, 200,000 warehouse locations, 30,000 individual pallet locations the warehousing challenge alone formidable. With a customer base demanding excellence from its suppliers and the ever present need to ship every order line for the best possible cost within a 24 hour cycle the business challenge was to transform its warehousing and logistics operations to meet these needs. 

The solution needed to be capable of managing throughput of over 20,000 order lines per day, and in the region 30,000 warehouse stock movement and picks per day.

In short the transactional volumes and fast response nature of the business meant system design and data integrity had to be world class.


Changing IT were able to working with the client and its other business partners to design a solution and specify the software and hardware requirements in detail. An holistic approach was needed to ensure all the various elements of the business could come together to design and deliver the right solution, and Changing IT were able to work with the client to facilitate this.


The Project lifecycle involved:


- design and specification of the proposed solution
- business analysis to test the logistics solutions
- feasibility testing
- costings and capital investment appraisal documentation
- project initiation and planning, setting responsibilities and timeframes
- design of business system interfaces and triggers (mySAP and Oracle databases)
- training and testing material flows and movements ("the physicals")
- re-design warehousing storage with barcoding to allow optimised transport routes and flexible location sizing.
- GOLIVE exectution to ensure uninterrupted business service

The business model was complex involving various brands supplied through the same logistics channels - each brand to be shipped with its own livery and documentation.


A first class warehousing and logistics solution was delivered, in which all business partners contributed to a successful outcome. Excellent customer service levels were achievable and sustainable at costs below expected benchmarks.

Changing IT were able to support the client through GOLIVE from data migration through to enhanced KPI's to measure and assure service levels were achieved and costs were managed and controlled.

Changing IT went on to further assist the client, work with their professional team to further optimise and tune the solution to deliver further benefits.. online order tracking, improvements in documentation and eliminating the need to spill to 3rd Party warehouses to support overflow storage requirements.

Credit in this process was not down to any individual group, but to all the business partners working together to achieve a common goal - both the internal company stakeholders as well as all the various other 3rd party software solution providers.

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