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Web Based Pricing Solution

Client: Specialist materials manufacturer - supplying customised plastic components to a wide cross section of industry.


  • Complex legacy solutions for providing detailed quotations were time consuming and ineffective.
  • Solution required to provide customised quotes with various pricing options
  • Secure solution required to allow specific customer logins and therefore apply customer discount structures.


Changing IT were work with the technical and commercial stakeholders for the client, to establish and and agree "rules" for calculation of quotations. This involved a degree of documentation and consultation, since invariably depending which internal person developed the quote then different rules would be applied and different answers given to the customer.

A website was prepared to present

  • all product details
  • technical information
  • customer logins

From this point various functionality was enabled to collect product and design attributes so that a quotation could be prepared.The nature of the product and the various options / material choices lent itself to a matrix type display so that the client could scan and choose size options and material choices etc.etc.


An online engine was provided to allow secure access to a web portal, where customers or internal staff could enter their requirements - effectively building the attributes for the parts to be quoted.

The estimating system would then calculate costs and present a fully detailed quote with all the options required by the client... saving this information for future conversion to order.

A specific benefit for the client was the agreement in terms of rules, costs and margins to be applied in calculation of customer quotations, and so better consistency was achieved stopping customer confusion. 

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